Stages Design is a Real Estate Staging & Design Firm specializing in modern homes, condos and lofts. We have an eye that is trained with a focus on design simplicity and organization. Every decision we make is to add value and sales appeal to a property.

We turn interiors that were meant to be lived in into interiors that sell because we see the house as a product that needs marketing and presentation.

We provide insightful solutions in dressing a property for sale, which creates strong and memorable feelings to allow potential buyers to connect and envision themselves living there.

Stages Design will set the stage to attract the largest number of buyers possible my making the listing more marketable. This means faster sales, higher commissions and satisfied clients.


The benefits of staging your listed properties are tremendous. Property staging has become an essential marketing/merchandizing tool for realtors to give them an edge in this very competitive market. Increasingly savvy real estate agents are realizing that having professional property stagers is the best way to increase their marketing effectiveness and success.

Why choose Stages Design…

We understand today’s Buyer’s have high expectations and plenty of properties to choose from
We understand that it’s all about creating a lifestyle, a lifestyle that sells
We treat the property as a product that needs marketing and presentation
We design with simplicity and organization
Expect stress free staging and tailored interiors

We know what it takes to stage a home to capture buyers as they walk in! Your satisfaction is important to us and it shows in our testimonials. Our team strengths:
Maximizing Buyer Appeal: We start by creating a strong layout and staging plan. You get the expertise of an experienced, certified staging team.
One Size does not fit all: Each home, neighborhood and its styling is unique and highlights the strengths of the home. We stage across styles intrinsic to the home.
Infrastructure and Professionalism: We invest time in learning current design trends for furniture and accessories. Buyers aspire for the latest and love fresh looking homes. Know more about our services here.